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Re: Aw4 shift controller

Gearing isn't going to help. The #1 problem is amazon. Xj cargo space is too small for current mail levels, most days are 2 trips, I think 3 trips are going to be common during Christmas. I am not paid for having to come back halfway through the route and re load, our union is trash. A long wheelbase scout 2 is the largest cargo capacity vehicle I can think of that comes factory rhd that also comes in 4wd and is rugged enough to take it. And I think they are cool too. The om617 engine gets 30 mpg in a 4k pound mercedes and is considered by many to be the most reliable engine of all time. I can't think of a 4wd transmission that is better for the job than an aw4 but I'm not much of an automatic connoisseur, I would certainly entertain any suggestions, especially ones that wouldn't require dealing with a stand alone controller. I plan on keeping the xj as it is, for my back up vehicle.
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