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Re: Aw4 shift controller

It's really out of necessity, but also just because of the way I am. I can't afford a new rig. I don't want a new rig. Imho nothing built past 05 is worth having. This 95 jeep is the most I've personally paid for a vehicle and that was 2500. I'm cheap and I like to build stuff. I wanted a 4x4 square body crew cab srw, small block 4 speed but I never found one so i converted an auto drw 2wd into what I wanted, it was fun, and I made a good amount when I sold it. As part of our contract we are supposed to have a back up vehicle and the post master has been on me about it. Originally I planned on another xj so I could switch parts back and forth as needed, may still go that direction but rhd xjs are rarer than hens teeth around here. I had to drive 2 hours for this one. Most other rhd vehicles are japanese imports that are smaller than the xj like rav 4s. One poor carrier that has one nearby has to do 3 trips almost daily. I bought a dj5 a while back but it was tiny, 4wd conversion was going to be hard, and it was in way worse shape than I originally thought.
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