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Re: Does "In Stock" Mean Anything Anymore?

Those automatically generated emails are another peeve.

The most annoying are those that tell me my item has "shipped" when in reality nothing more has been done than initiate the shipping process. No package has been handed off to any shipper, but since a label has been created someone thinks that counts as an accomplishment of some form.

I have to give credit to a company does better than this: Prusa.

I just had to order a replacement piece for the 3D printer. The email that normally would pretend to tell me my order had shipped was far more honest:
Your order with the reference number #xxxxxx*has been packed and the tracking number has been generated. The package is shipping. Your tracking number:*xxxxxxx
I also have to give them credit for getting a part from the Czech Republic to Idaho in just two days. $13 shipping for a couple of thermal resistors via DHL. I figured we would be down for over a week.

There are still some companies that provide customer service.
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