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Re: Aw4 shift controller

That seems more like it's for trail use, from what I understood it let's you manually shift the trans but could still retain auto use if you still have the tcm. I was thinking about a om617 diesel but still be able to drive normally. I'm playing around in my head about building a purpose built rig for my job as a rural mail carrier. Don't get me wrong my 4.0 xj is awesome, it just kills me in fuel costs and gas is just going up. Also my route is rough as a cob, the unibody is starting show signs of cracking and flex, and parcel volume is getting to be to much. I recently found out that scouts came in rhd, and I bet the bof set up would be stronger. The merc diesel is up to the task in durability and efficiency, I can't think of a more durable while still being efficient 4wd trans than an aw4 but I haven't seen a fully automatic programmable shift controller for it.
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